Biosimilars Global Congress 2013 Europe

June 6, 2013 9:20 AM

Paradigm Global Events is organizing the Biosimilars Global Congress 2013 Europe in London, UK on 18-20 September 2013.

Why this conference? :

•   In depth market analysis will provide maximum knowledge to keep ahead of the latest trend in Biosimilar developments and commercial strategies.
•   Understanding the complexities of competing with next generation biologics and discuss the obstacles in bringing the next generation of Biologics to the market.
•   Examine the perspective, risk and opportunities of the evolving market of Biosimilars.
•   Learn methods of minimizing the cost and optimizing result in producing high quality Biosimilars.
•   Gain better understanding of the European and US regulations and guidelines for Biosimilars including variations and new developments.
•   Explore the difference and effect of Generics to the commercialization of Biosimilar medicine.
•   Gain better insights into conducting trials, assessing immunogenicity and pharmacovigilance in Biosimilars.
•   Focus on issues in developing Biosimilar mAbs.
•   Explore CMC requirement in order to produce high quality similar biologic product in comparability with reference product.
•   Network with experts and leaders of the industry.

You can get more information from:

UPDATE: The event was first announced to take place in Brussels, Belgium in July but then postponed to September and moved to London,UK. Therefore this post is updated on 16th of July 2013 by BiosimilarNews team. 

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  • Khawar Mehdi

    I’m interested in giving a talk at the conf

    • Biosimilar News

      Dear sir,
      You should contact the event organizers for speaker options.
      Our website is just publishing some information about the events but we have no direct relationships with the organizers.
      Thank you.

    • Hi Mr. Mehdi,

      Please send us an email with your contact details so we can invite you to join us possibly be presenting on our next Biosimilars Event.

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