Avesthagen signs an agreement with Elpen for EPO biosimilar

November 20, 2013 10:10 AM

Avesthagen Pharma AG has announced an agreement with Elpen Pharmaceutical Co. Inc.,a company from life-sciences, for the distribution of Avdesp, a biosimilar product in seven EU and six non-EU territories. 

The deal will include Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo with a collective population base of over 70 million.

Avdesp, a biosimilar for Darbepoetin alfa, Aranesp will be used for the treatment of anaemia resulting from chronic kidney disorders and cancer chemotherapy. “We are excited about this alliance as we start our marketing in some most interesting countries, it will give us an opportunity to know these markets and interact with its people,” said Villoo Morawala Patell, Chairperson, Avesthagen Pharma.

The current global sales for the product are in excess of $2.5 billion and Avesthagen hopes to price Avdesp for it to come within the reach of a wider global community. The company is presently engaged with many other opportunities for a number of its ‘biosimilars’ and ‘biobetters’ with strong principals in several countries.

Avesthagen Pharma is working with different outsourcing organisations to make sure the product come to the market at the earliest. Avesthagen has identified Syngene International for fill and finish, and Kemwell Bioharma as a CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization). and PRA International, a global CRO to conduct the carry out the Phase I Clinical Trial in The Netherlands followed by Phase III in India.


Source: Avesthagen Pharma press release

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