World-China Biosimilars Forum 2014

December 6, 2013 10:45 AM

BMAP Global is organizing the World-China Biosimilars Forum 2014 on 6-7 March 2014,  in Wuhan, China.

In China, according to the Five-year Plan of Pharmaceutical Industry issue by MIIT on January 2012, it is agreed to increasingly drive the biotech industry growth, speed up the development of innovative drugs and its industrialization, enhance the quality of drugs, and support the international registration of new drugs.

The National Biotech Industry Development Plan released by the State Council in January 2013 indicates that the expected yearly growth rate of the China Biopharm industry turnover will be over 20% during 2013 to 2015.

All above has demonstrated the very bright promising future of biosimilars business in China. The event will gather more than 300 senior executives from leading players in the biosimilar sector from China and worldwide, delivering the highest level conference on biosimilars in Asia.

By attending WCBF2014, all the participants will benefit from learning to

  • Develop strategic partnerships with leading Bio-tech players
  • Leverage the latest advancements in Biosimilars technology to enhance quality
  • Establish the right regulatory strategy to speed up Biosimilars registration process
  • Explore the differentiation strategy to stand out from fierce competition
  • Understand the key factors in the product lifecycle those determining the final commercial returns
  • Build upon new partnering model that mitigate portfolio risk
  • Learn the cutting-edge product development techniques through practical case studies
  • Master key factors that affect Biosimilar’s comparability and quality

Event homepage:
Contact details:
Tel: +86 21 60529507
Fax: +86 21 51632507

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