Hetero launches darbepoetin alfa biosimilar in India

June 19, 2014 7:21 AM

The Hetero Group, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of active pharmaceutical ingredients to the Indian pharmaceutical industry, yesterday announced the launch of its first biosimilar product in India, darbepoetin alfa.

This launch marks a significant advancement for Hetero in a biosimilars market expected to grow to US$ 24B in the next five years. In partnership with several prominent pharmaceutical companies, Hetero is launching the drug across India.

Darbepoetin alfa is a synthetic form of erythropoietin, clinically proven to stimulate erythropoiesis (increased hemoglobin levels) for patients with anemia due to chronic kidney disease. With India’s age-adjusted incidence rate of 229 per million population and over 100,000 new patients who enter renal replacement programs annually, chronic kidney disease is a rapidly growing issue in India according to BMC Nephrology. This presents a tremendous opportunity for Hetero and its partners.

Dr. BPS Reddy, Hetero Group’s Chairman and founder, noted, “Hetero’s launch of this biosimilar in India demonstrates both our leadership in new biopharmaceutical technologies, and our commitment to improving patient treatment options. Less than five years ago, Hetero first launched its biosimilar effort by building a state of the art R&D and manufacturing facility in Jedcherla, near Hyderabad. For the large number of patients undergoing regular dialysis treatment, darbepoetin alfa’s efficacy and safety, coupled with its once weekly dosing are expected to contribute to improved compliance rates and therapeutic outcomes. We look forward to continued collaboration with our commercial partners as we bring the darbepoetin alfa biosimilar to the service of physicians and patients.”

Hetero’s launch of darbepoetin alfa in India marks a milestone in its strategy to penetrate the complex biosimilars market.

Source: Hetero Drugs press release


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