Study reveals factors supporting a sustainable European biosimilars market

June 12, 2014 2:42 PM

Biosimilar medicines will deliver an opportunity for increased access to better healthcare for patients and significant cost savings, provided that policies supporting a sustainable biosimilar medicines market are in place, revealed a GfK report today.

The study undertaken by GfK Market Access on behalf of the European Biosimilars Group (EBG), a sector group of the EGA, outlines a series of measures for the future sustainability of the biosimilar medicines market based on interviews conducted across 7 countries: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. The conclusions are based on in-depth contributions from 71 experts and policy influencers at national and regional levels and from multiple stakeholder groups – physicians, payers, pharmacists, patients and industry.

Chris Teale, GfK Vice President Europe stressed that “the strength of the study is that it delivers multi-stakeholder insight as well as the biosimilar medicines industry’s perspective of what needs to happen to ensure a sustainable market that will deliver significant and continuing benefits to all stakeholders. A genuine win-win situation.”

According to the study, a sustainable national policy framework for biosimilars should cover:

  • Education and information from unbiased sources, targeting all stakeholders – doctors, patients, other healthcare professionals and payers;
  • Incentivisation of appropriate early use in conjunction with sustainable pricing policies maintaining and encouraging competition, supporting innovation, and ensuring fair return on investment;
  • Collection and publication of Real World Evidence (RWE) to increase confidence and trust and to reinforce safety and efficacy of biosimilar medicines;
  • Transparent and evolutionary procurement and utilisation policies involving multi-stakeholder input and agreement as well as transparent decision-making processes that do not delay time to market.

Paul Greenland, EBG-Market Access Group Chair, commented “as highlighted in the GfK report, a sustainable biosimilar medicines market can be achieved through stakeholder and policy alignment and is expected to improve access for European patients to essential biologic treatments and provide significant, long term cost savings to European healthcare systems”. “The report now provides an invaluable tool to raise awareness and interest across all stakeholder groups and to take the policy proposals from paper to practice” Paul Greenland said.

In the concluding remarks, Adrian van den Hoven, Director General of the EGA, stated that “the European Biosimilars Group is looking forward to partnering with stakeholders, including the European Union, EU Member States and Patient organisations to increase access to biological treatments across Europe”.
The study is available here.

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