mAbxience opens the first biosimilars facility in Spain

October 21, 2015 7:27 AM

The biotechnology company mAbxience, specialized in the development of biosimilars – monoclonal antibodies – officially opened the first single-use technology plant in Spain.

The installations will house the development projects forming the group’s pipeline activity and it is expected that, in the future, it will also house production of the biosimilar medicines that will supply the main regulated markets.

Since it began its activity in 2009, the company has invested over 115 million euros. This represents one of the largest investments by a group of Spanish origin in a biotechnology project.

mAbxience acquired the Genhelix plant in May 2014 for 11 million euros. Since then, it has spent an additional 14 million euros on upgrading the installations and adapting them to the needs of the project. This financial effort has transformed the facility into a European benchmark in the field of research and development of biosimilars.

According to the founder of mAbxience, Hugo Sigman, “having a facility of this nature in Europe strengthens our internationalization plans but, above all, helps make these medicines more accessible. Spain is a country we know very well, meaning it was the ideal place to launch this project. Hence our commitment to supporting its growth through our focus on a sector of such great added social and economic value as biotechnology”.

In this regard, mAbxience has made a firm commitment to technological innovation by equipping its installations with the most cutting-edge processes. In fact, the facility in Leon is the first in Spain with single-use technology installed in all its procedures. This technology consists of using disposable bioreactors, which offer greater flexibility and enable a significant saving in terms of the resources used during the production processes.

The installations in León cover a total area of 16,000 m2, of which over 5,500 m2 are for development and production. They include an industrial plant with 2,000-litre bioreactors, a pilot facility, R&D laboratories, quality control laboratories and warehouses.

According to the Managing Director of mAbxience, Carlos Bañado, “our commitment to job creation and attracting and retaining national and local talent couldn’t be stronger. Our teams are made up by experts in the field of monoclonal antibody R&D. They are young, multi-disciplinary teams with an international profile, supporting our intention to transform León into a European benchmark for the development of biosimilars”.

Source: mAbxience press release

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