Premier and Oncobiologics align to advance adoption of biosimilar drugs

March 7, 2016 6:59 AM

Premier, Inc., a healthcare improvement company, and Oncobiologics, Inc., a clinical-stage U.S. developer and manufacturer of biosimilar pharmaceuticals, are working together to accelerate the industry’s understanding of biosimilars and advance the adoption of these drugs.

In addition, Oncobiologics has entered into an agreement with Premier’s real-world research and analytics division, Premier Research Services, to leverage the scale, expertise, and integrated quality and cost information across Premier’s alliance of approximately 3,600 U.S. hospitals. Premier and Oncobiologics will also conduct analyses to advise Oncobiologics’ decision making regarding market dynamics.

Biosimilars – also known as follow-on biologics – are innovative treatments for chronic and sometimes life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, HIV and rheumatoid arthritis. Comprised of complex molecules made from living organisms, biosimilars can increase the number of options available to patients while offering billions of dollars in overall industry savings when compared to the cost of their biologic parent drugs, which often carry price tags from $30,000 up to $1 million over the course of treatment.

“The high cost of biologics is having a profound effect on patients and providers alike,” said Premier COO Michael J. Alkire. “Premier believes in the power of competition as the best means to bring down prices while preserving a healthy market, and biosimilars present a key pathway to do just that. However, providers need a better understanding of these new products before they can begin prescribing them to patients. We look forward to collaborating with Oncobiologics and our members to develop best practices around the optimal use of these cost-effective treatments.”

According to Oncobiologics CEO Pankaj Mohan, Ph.D., “Oncobiologics’ primary goal is to efficiently provide high-quality, commercially attractive biosimilars to providers and patients. This collaboration with Premier will allow us to leverage real-world evidence to better understand the needs of health systems and the patients they serve as we work to develop treatments that can increase care value.”

The organizations will also work closely to inform providers, prescribers and the public sector on complexities involved in bringing biosimilar drugs to market.

“Premier has a long history of working with both the private and public sectors to promote solutions that address drug pricing and shortages,” Alkire said. “Getting the policy right is a critical first step to unleash the potential of biosimilars to improve everyday quality of life and save lives.”

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