Last update: July 2017

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Overview of /

  • / is a popular website that covers biosimilars (similar biotherapeutic products, follow-on biologics, subsequent entry biologics, similar biopharmaceuticals).
  • This media kit describes opportunities for advertisers to reach this unique, valuable audience.

Audience & Demographics

/ audience: / targets biopharmaceutical/biotechnology industry professionals, healthcare providers like physicians and pharmacists and also professionals from government, research, academic and scientific institutes. Legal and patent companies, industry organizations, generic manufacturers and even CROs follow this website regularly.

/ has seen traffic grow considerably since its launch in August 2011. Visitors to / are highly targeted, and arrive mainly via browser bookmarks, targeted search engine queries, social media interactions, and highly relevant inbound links. In short, our website is uniquely positioned to offer an audience that is receptive to your advertising message.

What we achieved:

  • / hosts over 760 articles since its launch in August 2011
  • / has been a reputable Media Partner for several global events till date
  • Bi-monthly newsletter highest open rate: 52.2% (industry average 16.1%)
  • Email blast (advertiser) highest open rate: 40.2%

Audience Metrics:
The following information describes the size and scale of /‘s audience. Here is a breakdown of /‘s website traffic.

Monthly Statistics
Pageviews 36,000+
Pages/Session 3,90
Unique Users 6,694

Social Media Metrics:
Here is a breakdown of /‘s presence on major social media platforms.

Social Media Followers/Subscribers
Twitter Followers 3706
LinkedIn Contacts&Group Members 1519
Newsletter subscribers 4500+


Device Metrics:

Here is a breakdown of devices that are used to reach /.

Device Category
Desktop 83.21%
Mobile 13.50%
Tablet 3.29%

Here is a breakdown of the demographics of /‘s audience.

18-24 9.12%
25-34 40.81%
35-44 25.33%
45-54 13.73%
55-64 8.00%
65+ 3.01%


Male 54.5%
Female 45.5%


World Wide access within last 30 days

The above traffic and demographic information was sourced via Alexa, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Analytics on 25th of May 2016.

Rates & Opportunities

/ offers numerous advertising opportunities for advertisers to reach this valuable, targeted audience.

Standard Advertising Opportunities

Ad prices are listed in flat rate and should be paid through PayPal. Our site refers to the Interactive Advertising Bureau for standard ad sizes and file size limits. Please refer to for additional information on ad specifications.

Ad Unit Dimensions Pricing Rate
Header 468×60 Flat $200/w
Homepage Rectangle 729×90 Flat $250/w
Sidebar 300×250 Flat $200/w
Other Ad Unit 300×600 Flat $300/w


Other Opportunities

In addition to standard website banner advertising, / also offers the following:

  • Eblast sponsorship: You can sponsor our bi-monthly newsletter for certain period of terms. Please see a copy of our recent eblasts here and please send your sponsorship offer to [email protected]/
  • Stand alone eblast: You can also reach our subscribers directly. The html version should be provided by the advertiser and must be approved by /. Please send your offer to [email protected]/
  • LinkedIn Group: Discussions, Promotions and Job Offers can be published to our LinkedIn Group. Please send your offer to [email protected]/

These additional opportunities allow you to reach our targeted audience through non-traditional media. Contact us for additional information on how you can take advantage of these unique opportunities.


For more information, please contact: [email protected]/. You can generally expect a response within 24 hours.



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